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topic posted Wed, September 28, 2005 - 10:38 AM by  The Bibliophile
I've known the snake was one of my spirit animals for a long time. I could clearly see in my head what kind of snake it was too. I knew it wasn't a viper, but a fairly common "harmless" snake. For a while I figured it might be some kind of Garter snake. I've often encountered them in my walks, but my snake never had the light stripe that Garter snakes do. Apparently the reason I never saw my snake in the wild is because it's European. lol

Finally I found a picture of a snake that looks very much like the snake I've seen in my dreams. I posted a picture of it to the album. It is the the Aesculapian snake, Elaphe longissima longissima.

Has anyone else identified which snake is their spirit animal (if you believe in such things)?
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The Bibliophile
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    Mon, November 14, 2005 - 8:15 PM
    I always thought "my" snake was a generic form that encompassed all forms of Snake. The one I have tattoed around my wrist is a rattle snake, but I'm not sure if that is "The" Snake of my totem. I don't think I've found the particular species yet. I'll know it when I see it. Definitely not a viper or a cobra. Anything with a hood looks kinda creepy to me. I'm thinking something venomous, but I'm not sure yet which one.
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      Tue, April 11, 2006 - 12:40 AM
      how kool is this to find out that i'm not the only one!
      I have been 'Haunted" in my dreams by snakes since before i could even speak english as a baby in my crib!
      I have been terrified of them and yet, am always running into them! All the time. Well, it's gotten to the point that friends named me She who calls the serpents"!

      I've seen them in my home, brought in from outdoors by my sweet kitten! Not one, but two! One inspecting the apartment, under my rocking chair, (there is something really wierd about seeing a snake on shag carpeting!) We later discovered another curled up under the sofa! Gee, just inches away from where i stood on the ottoman screaming at my old man on the phone. Who started laughing, so i hung up!

      Well, if there was one to be seen, it was me. One time at my mothers, i counted fifty before i grew wings on my feet and flew out of her garden! One time, driving truck through Nevada, had a rattler thrown at my cabover! Had me freaked out for the rest of the day! Had nine here, one every two months for 18 months in my new home. Nearly stepped on one at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center when we took visiting cousins out to the coast. Had two snake hunting birds of prey fighting over one in mid air just over my head at Oneonta Gorge~Ous! Was told a our docent at Horse Thief Lake park had been doing the tour for six years and never saw one, that was until i showed up! We all got a gander at thee most beautiful creature i had ever seen.

      -Imagine a snake in two of your favorite colors! (Ahh, mine are Black, White and Green.)
      I saw a white snake with little black flecks all around her. My heart did not jump into my throar and start racing! But i even mamaged to get my camera and actually got a shot!

      Later, on a Yahoo!group, i posted it and in the large format, which scrolls all the way to Portland, i saw her, again. !!!! But this was NOt the same snake! Eek!!! No! This was brown and dingy and it startled me to be making myself look at a snake right in my own face!

      Well, i went and got a tattoo, and added the Spirit of the snake i saw at Tsagaglalalal. White with balck specs. Hmm, the one in the Gorge~ous, was actually called a Pacific Gopher snake and man 'o man those little guys run very fast! Now i know why!

      One day, i discovered a snake display at the fairgrounds and for some reason, was attracted to it and so went to look atthe snakes.
      On purpose! (Who am i?) My old man was like, who are you?

      The first one was curled up and sleeping with no head in sight. This is a good start. the second was also sleeping and this ones eyes were closed. The third one musta heard me talking to myself and kept flittin' her tongue and reaching up high, so i stayed and talked to her a while.
      I was becoming desensitized to my fear.
      Eventually, i saw them all.
      And lived to tell about it.

      I didn't like the Water Mocasin. Especially the way it tried to look like something else, seaweed style, to catch some unsuspecting prey. probably a cute little endangered Pacific Tree Frog!

      And at the very last tank, i saw a white with balack specs, snake! It was "Banana Somethin". That's the one! That's my little friend. Forget where she was from. Not around here, though.
      Met a man the other day, who was a Park Ranger for the National Parks/Forestry Service, who worked 25 years in Arizona. He said with the millions of visitors, they had only two cases of snake bite, and both were trying to pick up the snake at the time.
      That's impressive. I think he said we have 18 species that are actually poisonous.

      Well, that is all.
      ~Ophio KleiterAleta
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        Tue, April 11, 2006 - 10:21 PM
        When I was little, there was a nest of garter snakes under my father's horse shed. I spent an entire afternoon collecting them into a bucket. No particular reason. I let them all go when I was done.

        When I was learning to drive, I was going along some back roads and almost hit a little black snake sunning itself on the tarmac. I stopped right over it. I was very upset until my mother told me it was OK. I would not have been able to drive (ever) if I had killed it. I have never killed more than a bug with my car. I hope I never do kill anything larger. I wouldn't be able to bear it.

        It is so cool to be friends with snakes. :-) They're so under appreciated and maligned.
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          Sun, April 16, 2006 - 1:55 PM
          Snakes were the first animal I ever connected with. I think I was either 3 or 4 years old when I first touched a python, and ever since, I have revered them.
          As I grew, I connected with snake mythology and snakes as a metaphor for the cyclic nature of existance. It all seemed to 'fit' for me~ the snake is definately the primary archetype that I connect with: I wear a caduceus necklace that I hardly ever take off. This also relates to my astrological connection with Mercury / Hermes...
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    Sat, April 22, 2006 - 8:13 PM
    Great question!

    Over 10 years ago, when I lived in New Mexico, I started having recurring dreams about rattlesnakes. Slowing, I was gaining control over them. I the time, I had a small ball python and two cats. The rattlesnakes were trying to eat them and they were loose in the house. Several dreams later, I had the rattlesnakes in terrariums. Years later, I would have dreams of lots of different snakes of various colors, some with stripes of red or orange. I would untangle them or some would actually bite me. Sometimes, I would realize in the dream that they were poisonous. But, when I woke up, I would feel as though I had sorted out problems or had received some insight or healing. A few years ago, after working with another spirit guide who also visits my dreams, I began again dreaming of the snakes. In particular, the rattlesnakes returned. In one dream a rattlesnake lived in and breathed water. I also discovered that the rattlesnakes are also connected to my namesake here, the Badger.

    Happy to share!
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      Mon, June 5, 2006 - 4:13 PM
      The snake has always been my totem spirit guide, long before i knew anything about their symbolism and powers. Snake energy is my life and breath - i've got an asp viper tat' on my upper right arm (2 pics in my bio). Any snake lovers here attending the firefly arts festival? i'd like very much to meet you - contact me! i'd love to share stories, myths... aesclepius, akido huedo, cleopatra, medusa, eve, DNA and the serpent... i hunger to learn more. Peace - kris.
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    Mon, June 5, 2006 - 4:31 PM
    Yes, I consider snakes my totem animal. For many reasons...but one reason is because I always dream about them. Even with my snakes I feel a very deep connection with them (snake owners will understand the type of connection I am talking about!)~but I feel like they guide me.
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      Mon, June 5, 2006 - 6:37 PM
      Here's a cool update on my own snake dreams...

      For those of you who do not know me or have not read my profile, I practice Afro-Cuban "Santeria". On Sunday, I was scheduled to participate in a ceremony/divination to learn which orisha (spirit/deity) is my parent. The night before, I had a dream of two intertwined snakes, not unlike some dreams from a few years ago. I told my godfather in the morning before the ceremony and he said it sounded like a reference to Obatala. Well, that is who it turned out to be! It was not a big surprise, though, since several people in the religion have commented that they thought that I was a son of Obatala. I didn't make the snake connection until then.
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        Mon, June 5, 2006 - 8:37 PM
        That is interesting. Santeria and the other Afro-Carribean religions are one of the few traditions I know very little about. Is the snake one of Obatala's sacred animals? What does it mean to be a "son of Obatala?" Is that like belonging to a specific totemic tribe? What does the divinatory ceremony entail? Is it normal to have dreams like that before such ceremonies?
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          Tue, June 6, 2006 - 5:47 PM
          To answer your questions...

          Yes, the snake (more often the python or boa constrictor) is one of Obatala's animals (although he is not really considered an actual snake like Damballah in Vodou, though they are similar because of the associations with wisdom, peace, coolness, and the color white). His other animals are all albino or white animals, white doves, monkeys and gorillas, snails, chameleons/lizards, elephants, and he wears the red tail feathers of the African Grey parrot in his crown. Um, not sure if I missed any.

          Obatala usually lives in the mountains or forest, where it is cool and shaded. He (or sometimes she, as Obatala has different forms -- some very old, some young warriors, others female) is associated with the mind and the head, wisdom, peace, justice, perfection, creativity, good judgement, royalty, clouds, mountains, snow, etc. However, he presents himself as very humble and slow. He is the owner of all heads, the orisha who formed humans from the earth (though he got drunk on palm wine and that is the origin of birth defects, etc.), and is considered the king or father-mother of all the orisha. It is quite an honor to be his child, so it is still sinking in. That will mean that I will become a priest who carries this orisha on his head, if that makes any sense ;-)

          I was taken to what is called a babalawo, who is a priest of Orunla (the orisha of destiny), and he used the Ifa oracle. It was all very strange to me, as I am more used to the way santeros throw the cowry shells. I had no idea what he was doing with those kola nuts!

          I'm not sure, but some people do have certain dreams and visitations like this. My godsister had a similar forshadowing of her own parent orisha, but I am not at liberty to tell her story to strangers ;-) I also had other dreams previously which completely make sense now in light of this knowledge!

          Hope that was helpful! Happy to share what I am able to...


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    Mon, June 19, 2006 - 7:25 AM
    About 6 years ago I woke from a potent dream in which I looked down, pulled my skirt above my knee, and saw a lime green serpent (at the same time, she was all rainbow, as dreams tend to do) twining up my leg.

    Having never felt a particular affinity with snake, I was a bit confused and surprised...the potency of the dream couldn't be denied and I knew that it was a tattoo that would be there eventually.

    A few years later, having drawn snakes and thought about and meditated about all kinds of snakes, I found out that my tribe has a tattoo artist whom I had never met. Once I knew there was a talented, spiritually minded tattoo artist in my clan, I knew she would be the one to ink her into place.

    Sure enough, over one year ago, Marshall and I sat and breathed, and sang, and cried while she put what was already there into visible spectrum of light, through bright green ink!
    My lesson from serpent was RESOLVE in getting the piece done, and learning about my transfomative abilities, my healing and deep-delving abilities.

    The green serpent on my leg connects me with the earth. The rainbow that was superimposed in my dream connects me with the beyond...Ayida-Wedo always did strike me straight to the heart!

    I don't have a picture of the tattoo, but when I do I shall post.

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